Free Barre à Terre class
FREE Free online Adult Barre à Terre (Floor Barre) class for Beginners.
Friday, February 18th, 6:30-7:30pm (Pacific Time)
Barre à Terre exercises are performed on the floor and are based around typical ballet-type movements, nowadays including Pilates and yoga.
It is a workout that is focusing on strengthening your core and legs. 
It is also great way for people recovering from injuries to stay in shape since it is non weight bearing. 
Even if you never did Ballet before I'll guide you slowly through understanding of basic principles of Ballet.
This class can be used as preparation for your future Ballet class.

Wear exercise clothes.
All you will need for that is yoga mat or just carpet.

Class is held on Zoom and available worldwide.
After your registration you will get a link one day before the class.